A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

My laptop has started getting flaky.  I would be go along using it and then a random crash would occur.  Or a reboot would fail.  Etc, etc, etc...  Confirmed my suspicions by running a memory diagnostic and found that the RAM is failing. $100 or so later and when the parts get here I'll be able to swap out 16GB of ram for an upgrade of 32GB.  Shout out to iFixIt.com and their Lenovo Thinkpad T480 Ram Replacement guide.

All this has me wondering when will we get to do that for humankind.  The ability to multi-task and have short term memory enough to remember what the hell I just walked into a room to retrieve would be amazing.  I'm definitely feeling that middle age crunch of more things to juggle and less ability to mentally juggle them.  I've started doing little hacks to help me remember.  Leave important things in doorways so that I have to see and deal with them as I leave the house.  Write lists upon lists of things to remember.  Make the kids be responsible for their own cognitive loads.  (They want me to remember to bring them to the park....  No if they don't remember then it doesn't happen.)

All of these coping mechanisms are ones that I've picked up from watching TV or seeing other people tread upon this same path.  But what would happen if like my computer we could fix and even make our mental abilities better.  So many classic movies and tales would suddenly not resonate as much.  Would society be better?  Sometimes me forgetting ends up being a signal that whatever it was, it wasn't important enough.  A built in first-pass filter.  A need for setting up better boundaries for one's capacity would be needed.  Just because you can remember to do something doesn't mean it has to be done....