Big Feelings With Big Songs

I have had to explain why I like musicals on a few occasions. Usually a soft pause happens in a conversation where that is revealed but occasionally a direct question is asked. It is always a weird one because I have to guess what level of info do I reveal.

Some of it is that the songs are catchy and usually the lyrics are clear to hear. No multiple singers singing over each other usually. With my hearing that’s sometimes a quick path into chaos.

Some of it is because much of the lyrics are the inner voices of the character and it explains the motivation without breaking the fourth wall. Being on the spectrum, I have a hard time understanding motivations.

A lot of it is because I damn well like the art form and enjoy the fact that people get slightly miffed when they find out a 6’6” straight dude is into musicals and not football….. Usually this doesn’t rile me up but this week had me get questioned as to why I would choose to not go to the TCU/Michigan Fiesta Bowl game.