Weight Loss Surgery

I’m a big old boy. No doubting it. Six foot six inches and a weight that fluctuates from 360lbs to 410lbs. I’ll never be a small man but I’m looking at 40 and realizing that I miss out on shit. Airplane travel, riding carnival rides with the kids, swimming with the kids, etc, etc… It’s been on my radar for over a decade. When I would dip my toe into the research I would usually hit the wall of the cost. I want to be thinner but 26K+ is a bit much. My work insurance won’t cover it unless my foot damn near to falling of due to diabetes. So I waffled back and forth between yet another dieting strategy or just dealing with being a hefty fat ass.

See The World, Get Cheap Surgery.

Enter in the spectre of Medical Tourism…. Queue jingoist American politician pearl clutching Seriously, after years of hearing about how our medical industry is star-spangled awesomeness and every other country’s medical industry is barely on par with medieval leech vendors. Its freakin 8k dollars and that’s the top tier one. Generally the cost is around 5k. I’m going to spend 1/4 for this. Why the hell didn’t I look into this sooner? Endobariatric

Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

But roll my steps back one or two. How did I figure out which one to go with? Honestly, I went with the tried and true method of crowdsourced reviews. Put on the regular bot filters and look at multiple review sites.

Lots of clinics listed so I started cross checking clinic names and seeing which ones had multiple reviews across multiple sites.

So Now What?

I’ve paid my deposit and picked my date. So now I wait. Lots of waiting and trying to not talk myself out of this. Or use it as an excuse to go all out. I’m going with a vertical sleeve which means that besides a reduction in the volume of what I eat, I’ll also have a limit on the type of food I can eat. It’s a recipe for telling myself that I better eat everything I can since it may be my last time to eat something…. (It’s bullshit and I know it’s bullshit but it isn’t suprising I am easily swayed when it comes to food.)