My employer, Walmart, has started offering a tuition benefit to all employees. It’s mostly geared for associates trying to get their first degree but it is open to everyone. It works out to a dollar a day, they cover all other tuition and books. That was too enticing to pass up and so I’m starting on my second bachelors. Cybersecurity at Bellevue University.

It feels weird saying that on multiple levels. Putting “Cyber” on any word has become so passe. Cybersex, cyberbullying, cyberblackmail, etc, etc.. All of these are just instances of problems that exists in real life as well as online. Same with security. It feels gussied up and cliche at the same time. Security is security. Nevermind the feeling of oddity of starting school once more. Or that it’s a bachelors while other’s I know are or have completed masters. Hell, I already feel like an imposter most of the time in my own skin. :-)